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Do you want to get back to playing with your kids or grandkids?
Does your pet want to take you for a walk?
Do you want to get back to work?
What hobby are you eager to resume?
Are you wanting to travel or just spend quality time with a loved one?
Do you want to get back to day to day activities?

Because you have one life to live

Fibromyalgia stole my life from me once. I learned how to take back my life and I have been helping other people do the same thing for 25 plus years.

I provide Health & Wellness Coaching for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions (Vulvodynia, TMJ, CFS/ME, IBS, IC, Endometriosis, Chronic Headache & Migraine, and Chronic Low Back Pain).


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Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed with managing your chronic illness?

I ask because that is how I felt. I have been managing chronic illnesses since I was 18. I have gone from being a scared and bed-ridden single woman, to a married, mom of two who has zip lined and skydived. I will just add that i found managing chronic illnesses to be harder and scarier than jumping out of a plane and climbing and ziplining through trees.

According to Wayne Jonas, MD, 80% of healing happens outside of your doctor’s office. 

“Research has repeatedly shown that even with full medical access and optimal medical treatments, a population’s health improves only by about 15 to 20 percent. The rest comes from lifestyle, environment, and the social and personal determinants of health.” - Researcher and Author Wayne Jonas, MD

This 80% of healing concept has been true in my life and I have witnessed it with hundreds of people that I have worked with as a Fibromyalgia Support & Education Group Leader and an education consultant to fibromyalgia organizations for the past 25 plus years. I am thrilled physicians like Dr. Jonas and members of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine are bringing these life-changing concepts into mainstream media and discussions. Lifestyle Medicine can change lives and this is why I became a Lifestyle Medicine Health & Wellness Coach.

As a Lifestyle Medicine Coach, I am trained to help you review these “80%” areas that impact health and help you develop personal health and wellness plans designed to manage your chronic illness and not just survive, but thrive - yes, it really is possible. This journey takes patience, commitment, courage, and a curious mind. Change is always challenging. If you have been doing something for 5 - 60 years, it is hard to stop doing it or add a new habit to your daily regimen. I get it. All of the changes I have made have been hard and have taken patience, experimentation, and self compassion. I experienced (and still experience) many failures along the way which I have renamed as learning experiences. I believe there is no trial and error, it’s trial and learn.

If you are looking for nonjudgemental help at discovering new paths forward, I would love to talk with you. If your doctor is recommending making lifestyle changes and you don't even know where to begin with making them, I would be happy to help. What do you want to get back to being able to do? Contact me for a free consultation.

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Health coaching helps these patients understand their chronic diseases and actively participate in their care. Coaches support patients in developing and following action plans for healthier behaviors. Health coaching has clinical and operational benefits and contributes to integrative primary care.

Dr. Wayne Jonas

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

Theodore Roosevelt

Even if you can't believe your health will improve yet, hope will work too.

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Coaching is a process that takes you down a path from where you are to where you want to be. It does take courage, patience, commitment, and an open mind. I would love to help you down your path to better health.


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